i'm barb! 

hey, you!

I am interior designer turned macaron maker! If you are a macron lover and want to start baking them yourself then you are in the right place. Every week, I share tips & tricks, new unique flavors, gorgeous colors, and fun toppings. This website was started because making macarons can be tricky but I have got just the tricks you need, plus the community you want! I’m so excited you are here!

My name is Barb. I am a lover of beautiful design, creating new delicious flavors and of course, macarons! Over the years, I’ve helped dozens of women accomplish what they felt would be impossible- perfecting the macaron. I’m also a busy mom who loves dancing in the kitchen and rapping to 90’s music.

If you are really ready to jump in, click here to get my macaron guide. This will help you go from discouraged to excited about your macaron baking!

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