For a Great Macaron, Just Begin

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To make a great macaraons, you have to start at the beginning.

What I mean is: not my beginning when I tried to make macs and it was a fail with 12 more nerve-wracking batches after that, finally learning how to get these little finicky suckers to work.
What I mean is: let’s start at your beginning, and go over some tried and true tips to helping every batch be an absolute success.

Still need our recipe?  Find it HERE.

I make sure I do the following things when beginning to make:

  1. Pull out my eggs so they will be room temperature when I start.
  2. Measure all the dry ingredients to the GRAM. Yep,not Instagram. I’m talking the measurement: gram.
  3. I sift together my powdered sugar and my almond flour, to ensure those beautifully smooth tops.
  4. Pull out any and all tools I need: my GIR spatula, my Wilton piping bag and a Wilton #12 tip.  While I’m at it, I wipe my silicone mats with vinegar to ensure I am starting on a clean (not greasy) surface.
  5. Pre-heat the oven: I do this a good 10 minutes before I begin my batch, so I know its good and hot when I am ready to bake.

One more optional, but not really optional, step is to put on some old-school 90’s rap. These cookies need the tunes. Music improves moods. In fact, this step should be mandatory!

Now you are ready to bake. I work fast. Once I’ve started a batch I don’t stop from the moment my egg whites start to whip to the last pan I place in the oven, moving in one fairly fluid motion. (Well, I do stop to sing into my spatula from time to time, but that’s to be expected).

So let’s start this journey, perfect your current journey, or develop some kickbutt filling recipes together.  Just remember.  With every batch, with every try…patience and persistence is what you need. Even if it fails. And if it does, re-examine what went wrong and try again. Change just one thing at a time and until you, too, have mastered these sweet (very finicky) cookies!


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