Guide to the Perfect Fall-colored Macarons

I don’t know what it is about Fall or its colors that makes me so happy. Creating this guide to the perfect Fall colors just makes me wish we could experience year-round Octobers. Creating fall colors is such a balance, and incorporating the sweetest pinks with the olives greens, Aqua and rust create a balanced palette of amazingness. Let’s dig in!

For this particular Fall color palette we used three different brands of coloring:

  1. Chefmaster
    1. Sunset Orange
    2. Georgia Peach
    3. Buckeye brown
    4. Forest Green
  2. Americolor
    1. Burnt Umber
    2. Terrecotta
    3. Olive
  3. The Sugar Art
    1. Redwood

All of these can be changed by using more or less product to give a huge variety of color.

So let’s talk tone, tint and shade.  So I knew when creating this palette that I wanted muted TONES (tone is the color plus gray). What does that mean?  That means I didn’t want bright or vibrant colors. I wanted to mimic that colors that you would see in Fall. (I mean, minus Aqua, but then again…that balance thing)

A common misconception is that you need to just use once brand per batch, or at all. Not so! We love all the brands but these in particular.

So lets give you some formulas.  Now remember the amount of drops is based on our shell recipe, which you can find here.

First, let’s start with pink.


This sweet pink is actually a Burnt Umber color (brown) but when you just use 4 drops like we did, it gives you the sweetest pink with those brown undertones.

Next up…


Americolor has one one of my favorite colors of all time. This Terracotta color is the perfect marriage between pink and orange. This took 7 drops to achieve this color.

The SugarArt has some amazing powder pigments. This Redwood Color is another one of my all time favorites. Since this is a powder based color there isn’t an exact measurement, but I used just a smidge. Like literally, my spoon said smidge.

Would you believe it if I told you this color was actually Forest Green? Yep! Chefmaster does it again with a beautiful shade of a majestic green: 5 drops is all it took to achieve this rich beautiful aqua blue. This isn’t in the original listing (above) but loved the color contrast with the blues and the greens.

Which bring us to green. We loved this olive color by Americolor.

10 drops of Olive. We fell in love after 6 but wanted to secure the color, so it wouldn’t fade when mixing in the dry ingredient, so we added 4 extra drops for insurance.

Lets talk about when to add color.

  • First, mix in your room temperature egg whites with the sugar. Beat for 2 minutes. (as per instructions on the shell recipe).
  • Next,  you will mix another 2 minutes. Now, If I am adding over 30 drops I’ll start adding in the last 30 seconds of this rotation.
  • Last, keep the mixer running for the last minute. This is when I add the color most of the time. In the first 20 seconds I add the drops. The mixer will incorporate the color in no time flat when using less than 10 drops.

Some other fall colors we love are:

Americolor Gold 15 drops

Chefmaster Buckeye Brown 10 drops

Americolor Ivory 3 drops

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  1. Leisa says:

    I have just been directed to your site and I must say I’m very impressed……..
    I am struggling with keeping my colours in the cooking process and I am at the start of the macaron journey
    Looking at the fall colours they are stunning so I wanted to see if you had a colour chart of how many drops to add as explained here on this place please

    • Barb Charon says:

      Hi Leisa, We are currently working on a booklet of colors and it will publish in early Spring. We hope you can wait, but until then there are a few color recipes in our posts here at SweetMacShop. Thanks for writing.

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