Halloween Guide for the Perfect Macarons

Halloween!  What is it about this holiday that makes us all want to dress up, including the macarons? Here is your Halloween guide for the perfect (and easy) macarons. These simple tricks will take your macs from average to amazing.

The recipes for how many drops of each color is on the Halloween Tips Sheet, available for free during our launch (get coupon below), but here is the list of Americolor Soft Gel Paste and other supplies you will need:

Lets start with the color recipes for each macaron.  These colors can completely vary, but you may want to add more drops for a darker orange, grey, or purple — you name it. The fun thing about holiday macarons is that you can do whatever you feel like.  We’ve put them into a PDF Halloween Tip Sheet for you to download.  This includes the color chart, and shapes for you to use as tags for your fall baking and pop-up shops–four pages of good information.

To get yours, first grab this coupon code:

Then head over to my new shop on PayHip to grab your Halloween Tips worksheet.  The handout looks like this.

Truth: it’s the only thing in the shop right now, so it won’t be hard to find.  We plan to start filling our little shop: we’ll keep you posted!


But that’s not all!We are teaming with Teyanna to bring you a fun template so you can pipe pumpkins for your fall baking.  To download her free template, click here: MakeMacs | Whisk ATX


Time to decorate: (This will be easier than what you think)

Spider web:

This may look the hardest but its so easy,  Draw a small circle in the middle of the macaron. Draw a little larger second circle around the first one, and do it again until there are three circle.

Starting in the center draw 6 straight lines all starting in the middle of the mac working out. Where the circle meets the line draw a little to make triangles at every intersect point.

Green Goblin:

Take all sizes of the edible googly eyes and attach to the top of the shell by using a small drop of royal icing. Add as many or as little eyes you want, and in all sizes. Easy Peasy!!

R.I.P Macaron:

Now, let me preface this by saying I have zero ounce of artistic ability. That’s why I am self appointed president of the Circle Squad (inside joke).  Let me walk you thru this simple, yet adorable design. I started in the bottom right quadrant of the mac, start a line directly up, curved it around on the top and took it back to where I started, just on the other side. I than drew a straight line to connect the two points. Added the letters R.I.P and also some squiggles to look like grass.  Bob Ross, watch out!


Again, lettering, not my strong suit.  So I stuck with all capitals. I started with the middle letter in the middle of the macaron. Than completed the “O” and the “B” on either side. I finished it off with a exclamation point, don’t stop me now!! (Please remember to use the edible pens for all the writing, wink, wink).

Mummy Macarons

First, I am leaving the most complicated for last, though in all reality its not that complicated.  Next, I put the icing in a tipless icing bag — a Ziploc sandwich bag also works perfectly — and cut a small whole in the corner. Using straight lines, zig zag back-and-forth over the mac to look like mummy cloth. As a result of working quickly you can add the eyes when the icing is still wet. I also scrape the edges to make the flush with the macaron before it starts to dry.

See how easy that was to get ready for Halloween Mac Making?  Have fun!

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