Fall Lookbook for Packaging Macarons is here!

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Its finally here! Welcome to our Fall Lookbook, Wrap It Up, your guide for packaging French Macarons. This  book will give you all the tips for stunning packaging, resources on where to buy and so much more.

Cover of our Fall 2021 Lookbook: Wrap It Up!

This lookbook came about because of you and for you.  We took all the questions about the size of ribbon, where’d we get our bags, how do you find the clear bags and put them together in this sweet digital book.  We had so many requests for our basic packaging ideas that we decided to expand into packaging you wouldn’t normally think about. In short, a book’s worth of for packaging macarons.

But it was also was clear that we wanted to offer you more than pages of just beautifully packaged photos. We wanted to show you ways to expand your regular menu of packaging for the upcoming holidays.  Giving you not only beautifully packed macarons, but also ways to use the packaging that helps you, the baker.  And you, the gift giver.

Just for fun let me tell you a little of the behind the scenes:

  • First, we had to make macarons in all the colors. There wasn’t a holiday between now and Christmas that we wanted to leave out.
  • Next, we tracked down the unique packaging and listed all the occasions you would need packaging for.
  • Last, putting it all together through photographs. We have to say, we loved how the photos turned out.
  • Did I mention tears and hours on the computer? Well, both also were involved, and if it wasn’t for my tech team, writing team, editing team this lookbook would actually still be a pipe dream. So thank you Elizabeth Eastmond (my mother) for giving so much of your time to make this dream of mine come true.

After all of that, it was hard decision time as we had hundreds of photographs and ideas.  What to choose for this first Lookbook? Lots of little packaging?  Dozens? Six-packs?  (haha, I wish…) We decided to include a wide variety of packaging for a wide variety of sets, knowing that you want to create gifts and items for your pop-up shops.  Maybe you even want to get your name out there for increasing your business.  We included tips on that too.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. If you order from ClearBags, use our code to save you 10% off your order. Code: sweetmac10
  2. Over time I am sure page numbers and prices will change, so go to the website of the product you like and take the item number we have given to you and plug it into the search.
  3. ClearBags will happily send you a sample of products you are interested in (such a bonus!).
  4. Nashville Wraps also does samples, but you will pay 10 dollars for 8 items. So if you are on the fence about something, this is a great way to try before you commit to the 100 quantity.

Note: we didn’t include individual prices in the Lookbook, because we feel those might make this out of date more quickly.  So instead, we gave careful references to the printed catalogue pages of the two major suppliers.  Accessing their site online also allows you to type in the codes to get the full information.

It’s Easy to Get Your Copy!

We couldn’t include all the twenty-four pages and over 70 photographs in this blog post.  We’ve compiled it as a PDF,  so you can all get lots of ideas ready for the holiday marathon of baking.  And to sweeten all of this, we have a coupon for you:

Head over to our little shop at PayHip.com/sweetmacshop and at check-out, enter your code fall20 to get 20% off the price.  This discount is good only until November 1, 2021.

Lookbook Spring 2022 is already in the works, I know, we are so excited! If there are things you would like to know that we didn’t include shoot us a message, we will include it.

Don’t forget to snag our Halloween Tip Sheet with Printable Tags.  Inside there are color recipes for macs and some colorful tags with a Halloween theme.

As a reminder, all our recipes are free here on this site for you to use and love.  Some of our favorites are:

SweetMacShop Macaron Shells

American Buttercream

Pumpkin Spice Crumble Sugar Cookie

SweetMacShop’s Red Baklava Macs

Tips for decorating Halloween Macs

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  1. Dana Huntley says:

    I couldn’t get the coupon to work.

    • Barb Charon says:

      Hi Dana, The coupon expired the 1st of November. We still hope you will take a look at it, and see if it is helpful for you!

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