Perfectly Colored Macarons for any Wedding

We are always looking for those shades of macs that are subtle, soft, but elegant. When we came across this color palette we knew we had to recreate these gorgeous colors. So we took a photo, gathered up all of our color collections and set out to create the most amazing palette — a bride’s favorite!

Let’s break it down color by color. First, make your macaron batter. Our recipe makes apporiximately 35-42 completed cookies per batch.  All these color formulas that we are posting are for a batch that used 160 grams of egg whites and is made using the French method–Barb’s SweetMacShop Macaron Shell recipe.

First up, we pulled out the big guns. AMERICOLOR. One of our favorite brands. Not only does it have virtually zero aftertaste, they help make the most gorgeous shades of color. So first in the bowl, we added 2 drops of terracotta. Once we added the terracotta it was a tad bit more pink than what we needed.  We needed it to almost look like a coral, but without the bright hue of orange. So in went two drops of Wilton Color Right orange and a 1/2 drop of brown. Did we just say we used two different brands in one batch? Yes, yes we did! And we do it a lot actually.

So let’s recap:
Soft Peachy-Pink: 2 drops Americolor Terracotta, 2 drops Wilton Color Right Orange, 1/2 drop Wilton Color Right Brown

Next up baby pink. Not all baby pinks are made equal.  One drop of pink will give you a baby pink, yes. But it tends to end up brighter as the drops get added.  To get this soft baby pink glow we are going to have you add a color that you probably wouldn’t normally think of: brown. Yep! Brown. This combo takes equal parts pink to brown.

Baby Pink: We used Wilton Color Right system: 1 drop pink. 1 drop brown.

Moving right along, the perfect (and yes, I mean perfect) gold. What wedding doesn’t call out for gold? So this equation will be the simpliest of them all.

Perfect Gold:  13 drops Americolor Gold,  1 drop Wilton Color Right Brown

In the words of Kanye – onto the next. This deep grey-blue is probably the most requested color that we have out of the bunch. But here the formula gets a tad bit trickier. Just more drops, nothing crazy.  So let’s break down this formula and all our inner thoughts to go with it.

First we started with Americolor in Wedgewood, to be exact. We used 3 drops which gave us a pretty blue, but not that rich, luxurious blue.  So to that we added 3 drops of Americolor Gun Metal (that will teach that blue to turn gray). Now we got it to more gray, but now we need to shift the balance back into the blue range, a Wedgewood blue, so we added 3 drops of Wilton Color Right Blue. Yep! That did the trick. And then we added our last drop of the favorite color, Brown. Did you know we use brown as much as we do? We didn’t either, if that helps.

Deep Wedgewood Blue: 3 drops Americolor Wedgewood, 3 drops Wilton Color Right Gun Metal., 3 drops Wilton Color RightBlue, 1 drop Wilton Color Right Brown

Light blue. It’s like baby pink in the way that you can only drop one drop of blue to have a light blue but the more you add the less light and baby it gets. So we did the same trick as the baby pink. What trick? The trick where we add brown, to like everything. EVERYTHING. So it’s just that easy.

Soft Light Blue: 1 drop Wilton Color Right Blue, 1 drop Wilton Color Right Brown.

Now for the last and possibly the trickiest green of all time. We mean it, but that Emerald color is just so gorgeous, so we had to match it as close as we possibly could.  We brought in a third friend to the party, Chefmaster. Chefmaster has a brilliant line up of Tertiary colors (primary+secondary= tertiary)

Emerald Green: 16 drops Chefmaster Royal Blue (sing the song Royals by Lorde while doing this), 17 drops Chefmaster Green, 3 drops Chefmaster Black —  and you guessed it — 1/2 drop Chefmaster Brown for the win!

Check out our latest reels (Instagram) and even Tik Tok (yes, we bit the bullet and joined) for more mixing videos, or check back here. We love to mix color, create color and everything in between.

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