Skittles Candy Filling

Want to make a fun, flavorful filling?
What’s in a filling anyways? Well, for starters, a heck of a lot of flavor.  With every flavor I create I try to find a unconventional way of executing the brilliance.  These colorful candy-filled macs are pretty much perfect for any pre-teen, teen, kiddo or Mom’s Day Out get-together.  Before we get into the goodness, let’s talk about what NOT to do when making Skittles macarons.

You also DO NOT want to use regular Skittles from the store. Have you ever tried to food-process something chewy? It is A HUGE FREAKING MESS! Freeze-dried fruits and candies work because the moisture has been removed, which also concentrates the flavor. Using freeze-dried products will give you amazing flavor (and be much easier on your food processor, for that matter).

You also DO NOT want to spinkle the processed freeze-dried Skittles on your uncooked shell. The sugar concentration in the candy will leave little holes in the shell after baking.

What you should do:

Incorporate the ground Skittles pieces into the buttercream, on top of the buttercream, or in the middle of the well. If it’s a little hard to get the top shell to stick, pipe a little more buttercream on top, or mix it into the buttercream before piping. You can even dip the top of your shell in some white chocolate and sprinkle the crushed candy on top. So many ways to put this unique flavor into motion.

So lets get started.

  • Grab a bag of freeze dried Skittles (or any candy for that matter). We use the shop Hurricane Crunch, as they can freeze anything we ask and they ship quickly.
  • Place the freeze-dried candy in the food processor, and process until it’s a pebble-like consistency.
  • Make a batch of our homemade buttercream filling.
  • You can color the buttercream a fun color or let the specks of this colorful candy be the star of the show.
  • Chow down. Trust me: you won’t be able to stop eating these sweet little macs.

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