Watermelon Berry Mint-Lime Macarons

Watermelon Wildberry Mint-Lime Macarons.

Say that three times fast! It is amazing all the flavors you can squeeze into a tiny two-inch macaron. but you know what they say: “Go big, or go home!” (At least I think they say that.)

This flavor came about when my friend Karen mentioned that her son had one of the best smoothies of his life while on vacation. She was telling me about the watermelon, and the lime crystals mixed with wild berry, and how, by far it will be the best memory of their vacation for years to come. So I got to thinking…I can mac that! (“Mac That” is a term I often use when I take a completely average macaron and turn it into whatever inspiration I am feeling for the day).  So off to the drawing board I went, literally and figuratively. How could I squeeze so many flavors into one space?

First I found a watermelon extract (from where else: Orson Gygi).  Add just a few drops to flavor up about two cups of buttercream.

Next I kept thinking of my friend’s description of the lime crystals, and knew this mac needed some texture.  That’s when we created the Sweet Mac Shop Lime Crumble.

And then the last component: the wild berry flavor. I decided to walk down the jam aisle for the solution to this problem. And what do you know. There in plain sight was the most amazing jam known to man, Bonne Maman Mixed Berry Preserves. So let the layering begin! 

Pipe the watermelon buttercream ring along the rim of the macaron. Pile in the lime crumble, then top it with the wild berry jam.  Is this Heaven in a macaron? It may just be. The sweet and salty flavors will pleasantly surprise you.

We topped this mac with a sweet mint glaze just to give it that little something extra.  We also colored our Sweet Mac Shop shells (get recipe HERE) and added a few seeds using a black edible marker.

And now for the grand finale, the Mint Glaze drizzle:

Mince 3 freshly picked mint leaves from your garden, and when I say finally minced, I mean it. Once minced, place into bowl with 1 cup powdered sugar and 2-4 tsp of water. Start with the lesser amount, as you want the consistency to be thick, but runny enough to drizzle.  Add water as needed.

How many times can I make these over this summer? should be your next question.

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  1. Ann Mae says:

    Already adding this recipe to my summer list!!!

  2. Lourdes says:

    Summer vacation in a Mac? Sign me up!

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